Ever been to Paris? This book makes me feel like I have been there!

Published on 2 March 2024 at 13:56

I love books! When asked what I would do if there were no more books, I said- I would write one! Obviously my passion is flowers, so books about growing and designing with flowers are my favorites. Today I would like to tell you about French Blooms- Floral Arrangements Inspired by Paris and Beyond by Sandra Sigman. This book is full of inspiring French floral design. For me, Parisian style   focuses on effortless elegance. This book spoke to my heart with bouquet making from garden-to-vase.


Picture of the book French Blooms by Sandra Sigman for a book review
A book review including a page from French Blooms by Sandra Sigman showing Small Spaces in Paris

For design work, I have a certain aesthetic I gravitate towards, and this book checked all my boxes. The arrangments & floral recipes displayed were inspiring and filled me with a deep contentedness. From large to small designs, I saw many concepts I could easily duplicate with the flowers I grow. This book is great for beginners and advanced designers. 

I don't think I will ever visit Paris (never say never), but I read with interest "Secret Spaces" in Paris that were featured throughout. Included are helpful tips and a flower food recipe that I plan on dispensing with the flowers that leave the farm this season. The vintage containers were given a beautiful spotlight and made me scramble to find something similar. 

This book made me happy! And I love it when I spend time with something that makes me happy. I think you will like it too!

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